Technical Tracks

Authors are kindly requested to meet their Session co-chairs in the session room a few minutes before the scheduled time in order to download their presentation to the computer. They have to provide the co-chairs with a Powerpoint or PDF presentation. Authors must ensure that all fonts needed are embedded  in their presentation files. The files can be downloaded to the computer from a USB key. The length of the presentation is restricted to 20 minutes, including  questions. Authors are  strongly advised to keep their oral presentation within 15 minutes (about 15 slides) and to allow 5 minutes for discussion with the audience and change of speaker.

NR. Thema

Track Co-Chairs

TT01 Internet of things (IoT) and emerging paradigms

Jerker Delsing (SE)
Georgi Kuzmanov (BE)
Carlos Eduardo Pereira (BR)

TT02 Cyber-physical systems (CPS) and industrial agents

Arndt Lüder (DE)
Marga Marcos (ES)
Birgit Vogel-Heuser (DE)
Andy West (GB)

TT03 Cloud and wireless systems for industrial applications

Gerhard Hancke (HK)
Tiberiu Seceleanu (SE)
Dimitris Serpanos (GR)
Kim F. Tsang (HK)

TT04 Cognitive and computational intelligence

Doriana Daddona (IT)
Sebastian Scholze (DE)
Huaglory Tianfield (GB)

TT05 Industrial digitalization, big data and analytics

Luis Camarinha-Matos (PT)
Radmehr Monfared (GB)
Miguel Angel Perez (ES)
Dragan Stokic (DE)

TT06 Human, computer and machine interface

Cesare Fantuzzi (IT)
Luciano Gamberini (IT)
Milos Manic (US)

TT07 Factory automation and communication, mechatronics and robotics (Call for Papers)

Lucia Lo Bello (IT)
Mildred Puerto Coy (ES)
Volker Krüger (DK)
Anton Pyrkin (RU)

TT08 Distributed and networked control systems

Huazhen Fang (US)
Amro M. Farid (US)
Qing-Long Han (AU)
Duc Pham (GB)

TT09 Technologies and infrastructures for smart grids, buildings, and cities

Liana M. Cipcigan (GB)
Joern Ploennigs (IE)
Herminio Martinez (ES)
Anthony Soroka (GB)
Thomas Strasser (AT)

TT10 Education in engineering and industrial informatics

Joao Martins (PT)
Elena Mäkiö-Marusik (DE)
Andreja Rojko (DE)
Erwin Schoitsch (AT)

TT11 Tools for industrial informatics applications

Bilal Ahmad (GB)
Thomas Bangemann (DE)
Andrei Lobov (FI)
Valeriy Vyatkin (FI)