Industry Forum Series 2017

We formally invite you to participate in the Industry Forum at the upcoming IEEE “International Conference on Industrial Informatics INDIN 2017”, in Emden, Germany, July 24 – 26, 2017.

The Industry Forum 

The Industry Forum is one part of the agenda where speakers from the industry are invited to present and discuss current technologies, challenges, products, services and other industry-related topics. It offers the participants the opportunity to exchange ideas with industry representatives and other INDIN participants. This will help to promote new collaborations between industries and researchers. 

The Industry Forum Program 

The program of the Industry Forum consists of four technical "sessions". Each session will last approximately 2 hours and consists of a total number of 4 industrial speakers per session. Afterwards, an open discussion round will take place between the lecturers and the participants, in which the most important aspects of the presented subjects are discussed. 

Visitors are welcome to participate in the sessions of the Industry Forum but must pay an additional fee. Please consult our registration website for more information.

(Note: The Industry Forum is included in the conference fee)

Visitor Registration