IEEE 15th International Conference of Industrial Informatics INDIN'2017

The Undergoing Industrial Informatics R-Evolution

Welcome from the General Chairs,

it is our pleasure and honor to welcome you to the 15th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN`2017), sponsored by Industrial Electronics Society (IES) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and held in Emden, Germany, between the 24th and the 26th July 2017. In response to the exigencies of "The Undergoing Industrial Informatics R-Evolution" industry experts, researchers and academics are expected to gather together to share ideas and experiences surrounding frontier technologies, breakthroughs, innovative solutions, research results, as well as innovation initiatives related to industrial informatics and their applications.

The new disruptive advances on the cross-fertilization of concepts and the fusion of information, communication, automation and control technology-driven approaches in traditional industrial systems is already providing an innovation ecosystem for a broad range of industries, creating entirely new markets and platforms for growth. The technological, economic and social impacts of these developments, which are still at their dawn, are so enormous that the whole process is labeled as the 4th Industrial (R)-Evolution. It is really more an “evolution” than a “revolution”, since new products and services mainly based on the use and application of an existing big amount of data and information (now digitalized and understandable) are facilitating the creation of new functionalities and application based on the collaboration of interconnected heterogeneous systems in a cyber-physical space, the creation of new and retention of high-valuable jobs, and supporting the continuous improvement of the quality of life for the “citizens of a digitalized  and informatised society.”

INDIN`2017 offers you a forum with wonderful historic and industrial surroundings, interesting scientific and technical menus and a conference site with well- equipped rooms, to complement an interesting and attractive technical program, keynote plenary sessions and tutorials on current research, development and innovation results in industrial informatics related topics.

We invite you to visit our venue page where you can learn more about our exquisite host venue for the conference and the beautiful landscape in which it resides (at the Wadden Sea, inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List). This is a great opportunity to meet old friends and colleagues, find new ones and attend many high-quality technical activities as well as very enjoyable social ones. All conference committees and volunteers have been working hard and will keep doing their best to make INDIN`2017 a remarkable and unforgettable event.



Technical Support

Honorary Chairs:

Gerhard Kreutz (DE)
Uwe Schmidtmann (DE)
Bogdan Wilamowski (US)

General Co-Chairs:

Armando Walter Colombo (DE)
Luis Gomes (PT)

Technical Program Co-Chairs:

José Barata (PT)
Stamatis Karnouskos (DE)
Ren Luo (TW)
Olaf Sauer (DE)
Yang Shi (CA)

Special Sessions Co-Chairs:

Juan Jose Rodriguez Andina (ES)
Lucia Lo Bello (IT)
Paulo Leitão (PT)
Kim Man (HK)

Tools Demonstrations &  Exhibition Co-Chairs:

Thomas Bangemann (DE)
Robert Harrison (GB)
Thomas Strasser (AT)

Tutorials Co-Chairs:

José Lastra (FI)
Peter Palensky (NL)
Luis Ribeiro (SE)

Industry Forum Co-Chairs:

Michael Condry, Intel (US)
Roland Essmann, Honeywell (DE)
Matthias Foehr, Siemens (DE)
Victor Huang, ZAP Motors/
Better World (CN/US)
Omid Givehchi, Schneider Electric (DE)
Marcel Müller,
University Emden/Leer (DE)

Finance Co-Chair:

Petra Ihnen (DE)

Web and Publication Chair:

Andres Nogueiras (ES)
Jeffrey Wermann (DE)

Local Organizing Committee:

Agnes Pechmann (DE)
Gerd von Cölln (DE)
Frederik Gosewehr (DE)
Gavin Kane (DE)
Stefan Kotzur (DE)
Juho Mäkiö (DE)
Kevin Nagorny (DE)
Johannes Rolink (DE)
Dirk Schleuter (DE)
Matthias Schoof (DE)
Jörg Thomaschewski (DE)
Matthias Wermann (DE)
Elmar Wings (DE)